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Continuo organs

Characteristics of the instruments


- The size of the pipes is reasonably large allowing for a strong harmonisation of the various stops without seeming forced. I believe its essential that an instrument destined to realising a basso continuo should have a good fundamental which this size of pipe allows.


- The arrangement of the pipes is designed for ease of access for the person tuning, rather than following the natural order on the wind chest. A complex system of routed wind channels engraved in the upper part of the wind chest allows for :

- The ability to quickly change temperaments

- To change overall pitch due to a sudden change of temperature

- To tune the organ, even if a harpsichord is placed on top for a double continuo.

-The transposing keyboard allows the following pitches :392-415-440 and 465 Hz


The instruments are light and very manageable.

The keyboard slides out for a more comfortable playing position and slides back during transportation

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